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multifactor security key smart ass tech

What is a multifactor security key and why you should use it?


I know what you may be thinking. What the hell is a multifactor security key and why in gods name should I use it? Well, … View Full Article

wyze cam pan v3

Wyze Cam Pan v3 Now Available


Award-winning pan and tilt security cameras are now weatherproof. The Wyze Cam Pan v3 is a slick new indoor and outdoor camera for a great … View Full Article

the original quest vr headset's support is coming to an end

The Original Quest VR Headset’s support is coming to an end.


That’s right, support for the original Quest VR Headset is coming to an end. Security updates and bug fixes will continue until 2024. Meta is … View Full Article

sensor in your toilet tests your pee to measure health

A Sensor In Your Toilet Tests Your Pee To Measure Health


This is a good one for all you health nuts out there. It’s time to test your pee to see if you have any health … View Full Article

Roku building tvs

Roku To Begin Building Their Own TVs

TV Streamers

Roku announced at the CES 2023 show on Wednesday that they will begin building their own TVs instead of outsourcing to other brands. Previously, Roku … View Full Article

govee smart ass tech

Govee API Update Nerfs Power Users With New Limitations

Govee announced via email to all API users that those who make high-frequency calls using the Govee API may see their apps not function correctly. … View Full Article
philips hue skill alexa link

Philips Hue Skill Not Linking With Alexa, Try this Workaround

Recently, the Philips Hue skill has not been linking with Alexa, which is causing issues with consumers. Try this workaround to link back up. Philips … View Full Article

Wyze Camera Security Breach Overblown By The Verge

Wyze camera had a security hole that took about 3 years to fix. The media exaggerated the situation by leaving out a major detail. Wyze, … View Full Article