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Nearly 3,500 Walmart stores will now carry Roku smart home products

By Kevin Castle

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A number of smart home products were launched by Roku, including a video doorbell and smart plugs

You heard that right, Roku, the popular tv streaming device company is getting into the smart home business. Everything from smart plugs and light bulbs to video doorbells, all coming to a Walmart near you.

All the new Roku smart home are just rebranded Wyze products. Nothing special here. However, the Roku versions will work with an all-new Roku smart home app on both android and iOS.

When can you buy Roku smart home products?

All of the new gear will be hitting Walmart shelves starting October 17th, 2022. So more than likely this will be for both brick-and-mortar stores and

The product line for the new Roku smart home is as follows;

  • Floodlight camera
  • indoor and outdoor security camera
  • Pan and tilt 360 indoor camera
  • Outdoor smart plugs

Prices start at around $26.00 for the indoor camera. It also appears that the cameras will be integrated with the Roku OS allowing its users to view camera feeds on their Roku-enabled TV.

Roku smart home mobile app and subscriptions

As mentioned earlier, the new Roku smart home app is out now which will be needed to use all the new products and to purchase the various plans. According to the official release, the subscription plans include “cloud video recording history, smart alerts, package delivery notifications, and more.”

“We’re expanding the Roku ecosystem for the tens of millions of households who already use Roku devices – or anyone looking for a new option to level-up their spaces with smart lighting, cameras and more,”

Mark Robins, vice president of Roku Smart Home

Are the Roku Smart Home products worth buying?

Well, it depends, if they support the new MATTER standard, then yes. But, at this point, these are just Wyze products that have no sign of supporting the new standard. So honestly, I would not recommend buying as of yet. With the release of MATTER, it’s smart to wait for a bit until more news comes out about supported products. Save your money.

Roku smart home products are just rebranded Wyze products. Good quality yes, but no Matter support, so you are locked into a small ecosystem.