onplus fold leaked specs

OnePlus Fold: What We Know About the Rumored Foldable Phone

OnePlus is known for making flagship smartphones at affordable prices, but it seems that the company is also eyeing the foldable market. According to a ...
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google android logo

Google Android Logo Redesign: A Bold Move for the Future

Google has recently unveiled a new logo for its Android operating system, which features a capital A and a 3D droid head. The new logo ...
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wi fi 7 certified

Wi-Fi 7: The Next Big Thing or Just Bullshit Hype?

If you’re like me, you probably have a love-hate relationship with Wi-Fi. On one hand, it’s amazing that we can connect to the internet wirelessly ...
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oneplus 24gb ram smartphone

OnePlus Rumored to Launch a Phone with 24GB of RAM

Hey there, smartphone lovers! If you’re looking for a new smartphone that can handle anything you throw at it, you might want to check out ...
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10 best amazon alexa smart home automations 2022

Amazon Echo Show Displays Can Now Play Local Weather Video forecasts

If you own an Amazon Echo Show device, you might be interested in a new feature that lets you watch local weather news videos on ...
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multifactor security key smart ass tech

What is a multifactor security key and why you should use it?

I know what you may be thinking. What the hell is a multifactor security key and why in gods name should I use it? Well, ...
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wyze cam pan v3

Wyze Cam Pan v3 Now Available

Award-winning pan and tilt security cameras are now weatherproof. The Wyze Cam Pan v3 is a slick new indoor and outdoor camera for a great ...
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the original quest vr headset's support is coming to an end

The Original Quest VR Headset’s support is coming to an end.

That’s right, support for the original Quest VR Headset is coming to an end. Security updates and bug fixes will continue until 2024. Meta is ...
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sensor in your toilet tests your pee to measure health

A Sensor In Your Toilet Tests Your Pee To Measure Health

This is a good one for all you health nuts out there. It’s time to test your pee to see if you have any health ...
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finalmouse centerpiece underscreen keyboard

Finalmouse Centerpiece Keyboard Has A Screen Underneath

This keyboard is pretty freaking slick. I mean, it’s got a screen underneath the keys…Holy shit… Finalmouse’s upcoming Centerpiece keyboard is set to shake up ...
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