About Us

About Us

Upfront, opinionated smart-ass writers who love technology and video games. We force our opinions on you.

Forcing Our Opinions On You

Here at SmartAssTech.com, we tend to give our opinions on the coolest tech around, especially the smart stuff. Our articles are direct and upfront, if something sucks, we will tell you it sucks. We are smartasses who love smart technology, streaming and video games. If that’s you, then cool, you came to the right place.

– Kevin, The Smart Ass Tech Founder

Our Journey – 2021

Well, we are new and don’t have a cute journey to tell you about. Right now, we are made up of just a couple of smart-asses but hope to build on this to make our site informative and entertaining. Kevin, the founder is a father of 2, I.T. Specialist.

Not So Professional Team

We aren’t here to be hubby dubby. We are here to get you some news on cool-ass tech, video games and streaming, among other smart stuff in the tech world.