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Matter Smart Home Standard Delayed Again Until Fall of 2022

By Kevin Castle

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Originally due for a 2020 release, Matter will integrate devices from Apple, Amazon, Google, and other popular brands within the smart home industry.

UPDATE: 10-4-22: Matter 1.0 has been released

The launch of Matter, a platform that allows home automation systems to be integrated from over a dozen manufacturers, has been delayed until Fall of 2022. According to a release Thursday, the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which developed Matter, needs more time to complete a software development kit that will make it easier for companies to integrate with the platform.

Matter’s smart home ecosystem will enable devices coming from Apple, Google, Samsung, GE, and many other companies to work together seamlessly. Google Home can be used to control Google Nest devices, Amazon Echo speakers, and GE smart light bulbs, and vice versa. The possibilities are endless.

In a release posted by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, they say; “Matter is the seal of approval that says smart devices work reliably together — taking the guesswork out of the purchasing process.”

Matter delayed in the past

Note, that this is not the first time Matter has been delayed. Although originally scheduled for 2020, the launch has been delayed a few times before and was scheduled for a summer of 2022. But since then, it has been pushed again to the fall of this year.

Alliance members plan to conduct a specification validation event this summer, which should provide necessary information for the first device certifications. This event will feature 130 devices made by 50 different manufacturers. A Matter certification process will follow the fall launch.

Even with the numerous delays, the Alliance says, “all-in, the finish line is in sight, and we are reaching milestones with confidence, quality, and massive support.”

If the fall of 2022 holds up, I am definitely excited for the new Matter standard. If done right, it will fuse the most popular products on the market together, something that has not been done successfully as of yet.