the original quest vr headset's support is coming to an end


The Original Quest VR Headset’s support is coming to an end.

By Kevin Castle

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That’s right, support for the original Quest VR Headset is coming to an end. Security updates and bug fixes will continue until 2024.

Meta is discontinuing support for the original Quest virtual reality headset.

The company indicated that it would not be sending new features to the standalone VR headset in an email to owners of the original Meta Quest. However, the business intends to keep releasing security updates and new software through 2024.

Owners of Quest 1 will still be able to use their headsets and related apps, according to Meta. These customers won’t be allowed to start or join parties anymore, though. Additionally, starting on March 5, users of the original Quest will no longer have access to the social features offered on Meta Horizon Home. This covers inviting guests to your Meta Horizon Home as well as dropping by someone else’s.

The news is hardly unexpected given that the original Meta Quest’s support seemed to be waning recently. The most notable instance occurred in July of last year when BigBox VR, a Meta subsidiary, announced that it was discontinuing Quest 1 support for its highly regarded VR battle royale title Population One. A refund for Population: One was made available to Quest 1 owners, but there was a catch—you had to have bought the game within the previous six months of the announcement.

Despite claims of significant losses as the business concentrates on the Metaverse, Meta is still all-in on its VR arm even as Quest 2 support is coming to a close. It will be fascinating to see how long it takes before support for the Quest 2 starts to wane with the arrival of the Quest Pro last year and the announcement that the Meta Quest 3 will debut this year.