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TV-MA Rated Content is Brought to Disney+ Parental Controls Added

By Kevin Castle

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Disney+ updated their streaming service which brings new TV-MA & R-Rated content, all protected with new parental controls.

On Wednesday, Disney+ users were told they must update their parental controls after TV-MA rated content became available on the popular streaming service.

Disney has made six Marvel shows available on Disney+ following their switch from Netflix. This includes Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, and The Defenders.

Out of the six series, only Daredevil has received a TV-MA rating.

Disney+ users will have to update their parental settings in order to view the new content. Until the settings are updated, you won’t be able to view the newly added shows. The settings can be found under the “edit profile” tab.

As soon as the profile settings have been updated, audiences will then have access to all the new content.

The new update lets parents lock their Disney+ profiles with a PIN to protect the kids from seeing suggestive content. This feature is also available in “Edit profile”.

With the new update, Disney can now add future R-rated films and TVMA shows to their streaming service, such as Deadpool 3.

So be sure to make those updates!

Disney+ is available on most Streaming hardware such as the Amazon Fire TV and Roku and Google TV devices.