Wyze Camera Security Breach Overblown By The Verge

Wyze camera had a security hole that took about 3 years to fix. The media exaggerated the situation by leaving out a major detail. Wyze, …

By: Kevin Castle

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Wyze camera had a security hole that took about 3 years to fix. The media exaggerated the situation by leaving out a major detail.

Wyze, is a small startup that has disrupted the smart home tech industry with its affordable cameras. Now, the company boasts a ton of products all integrated with its own ecosystem such as light bulbs, light switches and more. However, their cameras have suffered a bit of a security blunder that took them about 3 years to finally fix.

Why did it take Wyze so long?

That, I don’t know, but the security hole was patched in March of 2022. So, what was the issue you ask? Well, according to major media outlets, like The Verge, the Wyze cameras allowed a “hacker” to gain access to all the video stored on the internal SD card of the camera. This allowed them to view all your stored video data. Creepy right?

The Verge made a massive deal about this and of course, tried to cancel Wyze due to this major security hole. Don’t get me wrong, this is a bad thing when others can secretly view your video data and the company takes 3 years to fix it.

But, with all this coverage this story has gotten, the Verge failed to release 1 major detail. What detail is it? Well, in order for these so-called “hackers” to see anything, they would need to be on your local network in order to gain access to the stored camera video. I’m sorry, but, if you fail to have a decently secure home network, of course, you’re going to have unlawful access from others. This right here is just stupidity and being oblivious to basic security.

Of course, The Verge updates their story to add a somewhat half-assed tidbit of info about this to cover themselves. Maybe engage in additional research before your “cancel” attempt of an article goes live?

That is pretty much it. Big media screams SECURITY BREACH and exaggerates a situation by failing to include all the important information, making it seem worse than it really is. But are we surprised? I mean they did sign off on that brilliant “how to build a pc” video a few years back. That was a disaster.

I have a few Wyze cameras, mostly v3’s right now and they work great. The starlight sensor is just awesome. And you know what? My home network is pretty secure so I don’t have to be afraid of those big bad hackers the media talks about and exaggerates in order to get views.

Wyze camera products are definitely worth checking out if you are curious about affordable surveillance cameras for your home or business. So do some research before making decisions based on big media and their overblown stories.