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Movie rental and purchases are now blocked on the Apple TV app on Android and Google TV

There is no longer a “buy or rent” option on the Apple TV app on Google TV or Android TV, but Apple TV+ subscriptions can …

By: Kevin Castle

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There is no longer a “buy or rent” option on the Apple TV app on Google TV or Android TV, but Apple TV+ subscriptions can still be purchased.

According to reports, this change was made to avoid Google’s 30% commission on sales made through its platforms. This is something we have seen many times in the past, like the Epic Games vs Apple.

FlatpanelsHD has confirmed earlier reports by Reddit users;

The Apple TV app arrived on Google TV in early 2021 and on Android TV in the summer of 2021, complete with Apple TV+ access, channels, and the ability to rent and purchase iTunes movies directly on the device.

The latest version of the Apple TV app update has removed the option to rent and purchase movies on Android TV and Google TV devices. The two buttons have been replaced by a new ‘How to Watch’ button which states: “You can buy, rent or subscribe in the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, and other streaming devices.”


Reports began surfacing on Reddit and other sites last week and FlatpanelsHD has confirmed that the option has also been removed on our devices, including Nvidia Shield and Chromecast, set to various locations.”

It is possible that this is a result of commissions over in-app purchases via Apple TV.

“It is unclear why Apple has downgraded its app on Android TV and Google TV but it could be related to commission rates. Like Apple, Google charges a 30% commission on in-app purchases but not all in-app purchases were covered by the agreement in the past. It is possible that new terms were introduced.”

Apple’s attempt to defend its own App Store commissions at a time when antitrust investigations and developer complaints are raging around the world is pretty bold and ironic. Typical though with big corporations.

Reddit users note that if you don’t want these new restrictions, just don’t update the app if you’re on Google TV or Android. If you do not update, you can continue to use it as before.

We see this as nonsense, to be honest. With the amount of cash flow coming into these corporations, it’s petty to do what Apple is doing, especially when they dislike it when other companies do it to them. Comical really. But hey, they have to protect Apple TV+

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