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Roku OS 11 Roll Out To Devices Over The Coming Weeks

Roku OS 11, the next iteration of the popular TV Streaming device starts to roll out to customers over the next coming weeks. When it …

By: Kevin Castle

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Roku OS 11, the next iteration of the popular TV Streaming device starts to roll out to customers over the next coming weeks.

When it comes to tv streamers, Roku is a name that most everyone knows about. They are in the top 3 most popular devices next to Amazon’s Fire TV and Google TV. Now, Roku is delivering the highly anticipated Roku OS 11 update that will be rolling out to customers within the next few weeks.

According to Roku Your TV streaming experience just got more personal”. What does this mean exactly? Read on.

With a number of new features, Roku OS 11 adds a level of personalized content discovery, enhanced content discovery menu options, automated speech clarity, new sound modes, enhanced Roku mobile app, and more.

Stream photos from your Roku and create personalized screensavers using the Roku Photo Stream feature. Your Roku device can be turned into a digital photo frame by uploading images from your mobile phone or computer directly onto the device.

Would you like to share photos with your family and friends? Your photos can be enjoyed by other Roku users on their Roku devices when you share Streams with them. A shared Stream enables friends and family to upload their own photos as well. So sharing is a two-way street, not bad!

Some features of Roku OS 11 from their press release:

Roku OS 11 Audio

  • Automatic speech clarity – We strive to deliver the best sound, always. The new automatic speech clarity setting dynamically identifies and amplifies dialogue so you don’t miss a word, now available for Roku audio products.
  • New sound modes for Roku Streambars and speakers – Choose the optimal settings for whatever you’re streaming. Our new sound modes— Standard, Dialogue, Movie, Music, and Night—are easily accessed by pressing the star button * on your Roku remote or through the Roku mobile app and are tailored for different viewing scenarios to ensure the best audio experience.
  • Audio/Video sync – A/V sync is expanding to supporting player and audio devices with a simple calibration tool within the Roku mobile app, syncing audio with the action on the screen. This feature is available when you have the Roku mobile app connected to your Roku player or Streambar and is accessible within the settings menu.

Expanded content discovery

  • What to Watch on Home Screen Menu –What to Watch is a new destination added to the Home Screen Menu, leading to movies and TV shows from a variety of streaming channels, including those you most frequently interact with. What to Watch provides easy access to a personalized selection of new titles that were recently added, recommendations for users based on popular and trending content, and so much more.
  • Live TV on Home Screen Menu – In January, we added a Live TV Zone on the Home Screen Menu giving users easy access to free live and linear content from The Roku Channel as well as cable alternatives, including Hulu, fuboTV, Philo, Sling, and YouTube TV, to name a few. With Roku OS 11, you will be able to see your recently watched live tv content and discover the latest in local and national news, sports, movies, and more in the Live TV section now located on the Home Screen Menu.

Roku OS 11 Voice

  • Voice-enabled keyboard – Roku Voice simplifies device setup and channel login for supported apps by allowing you to enter email, password, and PIN information with your Roku voice remote. Voice-enabled keyboards are now available in Spanish, German, and Portuguese in OS 11.

Roku mobile app

  • Mobile content details – With OS 11, the free Roku mobile app will provide users with a more visual experience when searching on the platform, allowing you to get more out of the channels you have access to. When you search for TV shows or movies, new visual elements with OS 11 highlights which channels are streaming the TV for free or where it can be streamed with your existing subscriptions. The new content details on the mobile app also show visual images of the cast and crew to assist with choosing what to watch. All of these updates are the perfect match to the recently added Save List, which allows you to save movies and TV shows while on the go so you can stream them when you’re back home and ready to watch.

So if you have a Roku, be ready for the new Roku OS 11 update to hit your device soon, it looks like it will be a solid release!