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Next Battlefield Game Now In Pre-Production Following 2042’s Failure

By Kevin Castle

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The next Battlefield game has now entered pre-production. Dice says a “valuable lesson” was learned from the 2042 failure.

Ahh, Battlefield, a once-popular series that competed with Call of Duty for many years. But the latest game in the franchise Battlefield 2042, was a complete shit show. It never had a chance. It was shown and advertised to be this next God of a shooter with stunning visuals and next-gen combat. Well, that didn’t age well did it…

After the miserable launch of the game, fans were outraged as the game was basically unfinished, played horrible among other problems that killed any positive experience. This game can probably take the world record of the most refunds ever given.

Battlefield Game Enters Pre-Production

Despite the terrible launch and rocky future of 2042, the new Battlefield game is now officially in pre-production. This is where they really need to be careful and make the best decisions they can. There isn’t a lot of confidence though from the gamers based on the Steam reviews of the current game.

However, let’s see what the future of Battlefield has to offer. In a recent Gamespot article, they reported that “developer DICE has learned ‘valuable lessons’ from Battlefield 2042 and will no longer be using that game as the new foundation for the long-running FPS franchise.”

Battlefield 2042 was supposed to be the “Future of FPS” games, according to DICE. That just wasn’t the case here. I think one of the problems here was, according to a former 2042 dev, they wanted to bring on mechanics from “hero shooters” to the battlefield. Really? This is not a hero shooter. People play Battlefield for a more realistic war shooter. Look at the popularity of the older games. That’s Battlefield, not some hero shooter crap, get it outa here.

Who knows, as of now DICE has stated they will continue to support Battlefield 2042 for the time being.

Our take? While the new Battlefield game may be in pre-production, DICE and EA really need to think hard on their approach to this new game. They lost a lot of fans over the 2042 debacle.