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Intel Arc A770 Video Card Released Today, Already Sold Out

By Kevin Castle

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The newest challenger on the block, Intel Arc A770 has just been released today October 12th, 2022, and is already sold out.

You read that right, Nvidia’s latest challenger Intel just released their new Intel Arc A770 GPU and it is selling like hotcakes. As of this writing, the video card is already sold out, which is not surprising due to its high specs and affordable price of just $329 and $349 for the limited edition.

Are you in need of a new GPU but don’t want to sell your organs to Nvidia to get one? Well, like many others, the Intel Arc A770 solves that problem, if you can actually get one. The way it looks right now, scalpers may be back in business again since this GPU is a hot ticket item.

Where can you buy the Intel Arc A770?

There are limited locations right now to “try” and buy one;

Newegg is the only location that we have seen in the USA that even has a listing up anymore. Best Buy and Amazon show no listings for the GPU at the moment, but that could change.

Once new locations are available to purchase, we will list them here.

For more specifications on the Arc A770 GPU, see the official page on Intel’s site.