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chromecast google tv profile feature smart ass tech

Google TV Profile Feature Now Available

Google has finally launched its Google TV Profile feature giving users the ability to add more people. Let’s face it, Google TV is pretty awesome … Read more
wyze matter insteon smart ass tech

Will Smart Home Brands With Proprietary Tech Die Like Insteon?

Insteon was a smart home brand that was built on proprietary technology. Now, they are no longer in business. Will other brands like Wyze suffer … Read more
insteon hub and app dead

Smart Home Company Insteon Is Dead. What Happened?

The popular smart home company, Insteon, has shut down without warning, leaving its customers with devices that no longer work. What caused Insteon from shutting … Read more

Wyze Camera Security Breach Overblown By The Verge

Wyze camera had a security hole that took about 3 years to fix. The media exaggerated the situation by leaving out a major detail. Wyze, … Read more
govee smart ass tech

Govee API Update Nerfs Power Users With New Limitations

Govee announced via email to all API users that those who make high-frequency calls using the Govee API may see their apps not function correctly. … Read more
philips hue skill alexa link

Philips Hue Skill Not Linking With Alexa, Try this Workaround

Recently, the Philips Hue skill has not been linking with Alexa, which is causing issues with consumers. Try this workaround to link back up. Philips … Read more
youtube tv smart ass tech

YouTube Picture-in-Picture Mode Coming To YouTube TV For iOS

YouTube is finally bringing picture-in-picture mode to YouTube TV on iOS. This has been a long time coming. We all know what picture-in-picture mode is. … Read more
philips hue dimmer switch 2

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch Out of Stock Everywhere. What’s Going On

The Philips Hue Dimmer Switch has been out of stock for months, even before the 2021 Christmas holiday season. What gives? If you are like … Read more
no wiring smart light switch philips hue lutron

Turn A Dumb Light Switch To A Smart Light Switch with No Wiring

Want to turn your old flip dummy light switch into a smart switch with no wiring? Here is an easy way to do it. Do … Read more
battlefield pre production 2022

Next Battlefield Game Now In Pre-Production Following 2042’s Failure

The next Battlefield game has now entered pre-production. Dice says a “valuable lesson” was learned from the 2042 failure. Ahh, Battlefield, a once-popular series that … Read more
smart home requirements tablet licensed

5 Important Smart Home Requirements You Should Always Follow

Whether you are starting out or already experienced, there are 5 smart home requirements you should always follow. Smart homes are awesome, they are the … Read more
philips hue new lighting presets

New Philips Hue Light Presets Released For v1.36

A new set of Philips Hue light presets that cover some of the most popular lighting themes. As you may or may not know, I … Read more