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Roku building tvs

Roku To Begin Building Their Own TVs

Roku announced at the CES 2023 show on Wednesday that they will begin building their own TVs instead of outsourcing to other brands. Previously, Roku … Read more
Smartthings Station Hub

SmartThings Station is Samsungs Latest MATTER Supported Hub

Samsung has officially announced the latest Smart Home, MATTER-supported hub, Smartthings Station. The demand for easy-to-use, reliable, and interoperable solutions to connect a larger number … Read more
switchbot hub 2

SwitchBot Hub V2 Joins The MATTER Standard

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way we interact with the tech world in amazing ways never thought possible a few years ago. … Read more
finalmouse centerpiece underscreen keyboard

Finalmouse Centerpiece Keyboard Has A Screen Underneath

This keyboard is pretty freaking slick. I mean, it’s got a screen underneath the keys…Holy shit… Finalmouse’s upcoming Centerpiece keyboard is set to shake up … Read more
wifi5 vs wifi6

What’s The Difference Between Wi-fi 5 and Wi-fi 6?

I’ll give you a quick rundown on the main difference between the Wi-fi 5 and Wi-fi 6 standards. Ahh, wifi, is the best tech in … Read more
fire tv cube 3rd gen 2022

Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen Now Available

The long-awaited Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen is now available for purchase at Amazon. The day has arrived and the all-new Fire TV Cube 3rd … Read more
smart ass tech news snippet tldr

TLDR News Snippet 10-17-22

Apple reportedly wants to turn the iPad into a smart display with a new dock Apple is reportedly working on a dock for the iPad … Read more
roku smart home products

Nearly 3,500 Walmart stores will now carry Roku smart home products

A number of smart home products were launched by Roku, including a video doorbell and smart plugs You heard that right, Roku, the popular tv … Read more
arc a770 sold out

Intel Arc A770 Video Card Released Today, Already Sold Out

The newest challenger on the block, Intel Arc A770 has just been released today October 12th, 2022, and is already sold out. You read that … Read more
meta quest pro price backlash

Meta Quest Pro Revealed, Met With Backlash Over Price

The Meta Quest Pro is the latest VR addition to the line of Quest VR units by Meta, formally Facebook. The announcement however was met … Read more
smart ass tech matter now available

The Matter Smart Home Standard Now Available

The long-awaited Matter smart home standard has finally been released. Samsung, Google, Apple and Amazon are among those who are backing this new technology. Matter, … Read more
how to start a smart home

How To Start A Smart Home For Beginners in 2024

So, do you want to start a smart home? It’s one of the coolest things to do if you love tech and automation. If you … Read more